Great-aunt Amanda

When Hohn was young, his mother would suggest he and his two sisters look through old family photos. This is one of them. Hohn’s great-aunt Amanda sits at her prune farm in Shaw, Ore. The town is now a tiny agricultural enclave, population 80, a few miles southeast of Salem, Ore.

My past is long and my future short. So, in my mind’s glaucomic eye, I like to transport myself more rearward than forward. I prefer to peer into the slag and sediment of my history rather than into the odds and ends of my future.  But I wasn’t always this way, e.g. in my witless prepubescent days I was far more anxious over future funds for movies and Milk Duds than knowing names and faces of darkly clad people who were both old and dead. Or why I lived in Marysville rather than Oslo or Carrickfergus.   

Recent events have caused me to recall a boring afternoon in my 1307 Walnut St. home in Marysville when my mother suggested that my two younger sisters and I get out of her hair and spend time looking through our old family photos stored in an antique trunk.