A series of articles intended to provide improved awareness of investing in the stock market.

When I became a private pilot and then earned my instrument rating along with complex aircraft rating, it was always interesting to hear other people’s comments: “You fly small planes? I’d be scared to death – I’ll never fly in a small plane. You’re going to kill yourself.” When others found out that I was a Nuclear Engineer and worked in nuclear plants all over the world there were similar comments. “You’re going to die from radiation. You know you can’t see radiation and it will kill you. Nuclear plants are just a bomb waiting to explode.” Sorry, that’s just personal opinion – not fact and not even realistic probability. You can’t take the worse possible outcome and imply that it is the most likely outcome.

Michael Welch is a trained market investor in Forex, Futures, Equities, Commodities and Options. He is preparing to offer several educational investment workshops during the year as fundraisers for the Marysville Historic Depot.