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It’s always interesting to speculate about what the most important book of that particular year’s crop of publications might be, and for me it’s always been the book which compelled the reader to look at the author’s subject’s in an entirely new way.

It was good news to learn recently that electric utility Evergy plans to retire its Lawrence Energy Center, a coal-fired plant, within the next couple of years.

Kansas lawmakers spent too much time this year debating a long list of unnecessary and provocative proposals, including banning transgender student athletes and making it harder to vote.

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Technically, I should probably not be recommending Sanjay Gupta's book, “Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age”, since I’ve only selectively, not completely, read it.

If you happen to walk into Marysville Health & Fitness any weekday morning, you might just get a grin and a greeting from a man with white hair and a rare delight for lifting a few weights or pedaling away on a recumbent cycling machine.

The 2020 Census has released its initial results, which the Advocate plans to profile in next week’s edition. What it will show about Marysville is that it stands alone, or nearly alone, statewide as a rural community that has not seen significant population loss in the last 20 years. Aside …

Editor’s note: This past year was a challenge for local organizations amid the pandemic. But they kept at it. RSVP is one shining example of this. The Advocate has asked several organizations to share their reflections. The following was written by Joni Spellmeier, executive director of RSVP…

If you are at all curious about what the Chinese are thinking about and planning to do next on the world stage, you could do worse than read the book “Wild Swans, Three Daughters of China” by Jung Chang.

Editor’s note: This past year was a challenge for local organizations and the Advocate has asked them to share their reflections on the pandemic as well as their dreams for the future. The following was written by Jon Ungerer, president of Marysville’s Pony Express Museum board.

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Editor’s note: It’s been a tough year of isolation, illness and caution with COVID-19. The Advocate asked local organizations to reflect on what a year of pandemic meant to them, how they managed and  what their dreams are now. The following was written by Sharon Vogelsberg and Kay Nester wi…

New fire station, new ag complex, local property tax rates, no chickens in city limits, COVID-19 precautions, new school superintendent, teacher assignments, pay raises, infrastructure work, condemned buildings, new street signs, purchases of real estate and equipment.

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When the initial pandemic outbreak occurred over a year ago, it was expected that the COVID-19 coronavirus would be similar to the 2003 SARS coronavirus. That meant many general hygiene measures were needed: handwashing, cleaning of doorknobs and tables, limiting handshakes or other body con…

Because I haven’t been part of the publishing/bookselling industry in almost 40 years now, I found myself wondering how long it took Scott Galloway to write, print and distribute his 2020 book, “Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity.” My guess would be 30 days, but maybe as much as 90. Lig…

Marshall County Parttnership for Growth had a hectic year with writing small business grants, first from the state funds from the Community Development Block Grant’s COVID grant, and then the county SPARK funds.

Since statehood in 1861, Kansas residents have relied upon elected legislators to tackle issues, develop proposed laws, then vote on them — mostly out of earshot or view of ordinary citizens.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have watched with dread lately as some states rescind mask mandates. This while COVID-19 cases rise in several states.

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The wind industry, which has generated a lot of clean energy as well as $14 billion for Kansas over the past several years, is now the target of a regressive bill pushed by anti-science Sen. Mike Thompson.

Currently proposed legislation for at-risk public school students is an ill-considered mistake. At this writing, part of a bill moving through the Kansas House, if passed in its present form, would set poor precedents for school choice and is fraught with unintended consequences.

I am going on a rant, and yes this is a warning. This past weekend was the fateful day that we spring our clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time. Let me be clear and not mince any words here, I really dislike the time change and, I have yet to find anyone who really likes it. Over an…

Masks have been recommended by public health officials at the federal and state level for months now. They remain an effective barrier to an illness that has caused more than 500,000 U.S. deaths while leaving others fighting to breathe or struggling with ailments for weeks or months.

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The second time a guy wearing a suit stepped into my bookstore shouting and waving a book over his head, it was a lawyer who office was in the high-rise across the street.

In 2020, advocates across the country urged Congress to pass the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act. That historic legislation made 988 the future phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and paved the way for each state to fund 988 the same way as 911. With the introd…

Leadership has many definitions, but I like the one the Kansas Leadership Center uses: “It’s an activity that mobilizes others to make progress on difficult challenges.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease advisor, made it clear Tuesday what America has witnessed. In a year’s time, the U.S. has lost half a million souls to COVID-19.

One of the rare occurrences in either a bookstore or a library is an adult yelling.  It happened in my bookstores exactly twice in the seven or eight years I was in the business: both times it was a man in a suit waving a book over his head shouting, “You’ve got to stock this book!”  

By golly it’s cold outside. So cold that record low temperatures raised the alarms at regional power utilities, spurring them to call on customers to quickly decrease energy usage this week.

There’s a metaphor for those who make our lives better by working through all seasons to keep “the trains running on time.” But in our community, in these frigid days, there literally are dozens of Marshall countians who keep those Union Pacific engines rolling through town loaded with goods…

Well, when February 14 rolls around we all know what we are supposed to start thinking about, right?  Red roses, chocolates and heart emojis.

The teacher in the next room down the hall from me was fired. I was teaching biology at a university lab school in 1973, where we gave college students their first teaching experiences in our high school classes.

COVID-19 has revealed much about health care in America. The harsh reality of life without health insurance is among the pandemic’s toughest lessons.

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I’ve always hated to make unsolicited door-to-door cold calls.  As a small boy, I even disliked the extortionist practice of “trick or treating.” Yes, on Halloween, I could hide my identity by wearing a disguise.

It’s a good thing the city of Marysville’s taking the initiative to remove two buildings that are becoming eyesores downtown to the west of the Pony Express sculpture park.

We had a remarkably interesting year, to say the least. The pandemic with all its force came to Blue Rapids, trying to push us down and subjugate us but we met it head on, and though far from over we are still in this fight. I encourage everyone to take it seriously, but not to let it get you down.

Socks on a rooster. This was the image brought to life by Earl Long, deceased “sort of” governor of Louisiana, and brother of Huey Long, assassinated “real” governor of Louisiana who inspired the classic read “All the King’s Men.”

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Sen. Roger Marshall’s vote on Jan. 6, 2021, will go down in history as a day of shame for Kansas.

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Quotes from Republican officials before Donald Trump became president:

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., on Tuesday issued the following statement on this week’s joint session of Congress. We applaud Kansas’ senior senator for casting a vote that affirms the Constitution and America’s precious democratic freedoms.

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Editor’s note: Former Advocate intern and Valley Heights 1981 graduate Bill Horner III — now the publisher and editor of the Chatham News + Record in North Carolina — has written this reflection about his friendship with Waterville attorney Darrell Spain, who died unexpectedly on Christmas D…

The Marysville Advocate, dating back decades has run an occasional “We Advocate” editorial to highlight issues we think deserve attention and action.

Marshall County residents who live in the footprint of NextEra Energy’s proposed Irish Creek Wind Project were unhappy with Monday’s announcement that commissioners aim to vote Jan. 4 on the turbine site plan. The residents had been led to believe they’d have 30 days to ask for a turbine sit…