Socks on a rooster. This was the image brought to life by Earl Long, deceased “sort of” governor of Louisiana, and brother of Huey Long, assassinated “real” governor of Louisiana who inspired the classic read “All the King’s Men.”

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Sen. Roger Marshall’s vote on Jan. 6, 2021, will go down in history as a day of shame for Kansas.

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Quotes from Republican officials before Donald Trump became president:

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., on Tuesday issued the following statement on this week’s joint session of Congress. We applaud Kansas’ senior senator for casting a vote that affirms the Constitution and America’s precious democratic freedoms.

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Editor’s note: Former Advocate intern and Valley Heights 1981 graduate Bill Horner III — now the publisher and editor of the Chatham News + Record in North Carolina — has written this reflection about his friendship with Waterville attorney Darrell Spain, who died unexpectedly on Christmas D…

The Marysville Advocate, dating back decades has run an occasional “We Advocate” editorial to highlight issues we think deserve attention and action.

Marshall County residents who live in the footprint of NextEra Energy’s proposed Irish Creek Wind Project were unhappy with Monday’s announcement that commissioners aim to vote Jan. 4 on the turbine site plan. The residents had been led to believe they’d have 30 days to ask for a turbine sit…

If you are lucky enough to know a 3-year-old boy, who likes reading books almost as much as playing video games and soccer, be sure to ask him what’s the best book he’s read recently. I guarantee you the answer will be fascinating.

I have lived at my current location since 2014. We always wanted to be out in the country and when the opportunity came we moved from town to the country.

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One thing Kansans deserve to know about their state attorney general joining Texas in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to erase four other states’ election results: What was Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt thinking?

On Dec. 15 we will mark a hidden holiday, as uncelebrated as it is unappreciated. It was 229 years ago today that the United States ratified the Bill of Rights, ensuring unprecedented freedom for the people of an emerging nation.

The dust is beginning to settle on President-elect Biden’s victory, but Kansas Democrats remain glum. Promising U.S. Senate candidate Barbara Bollier was defeated by about 12 points despite record spending, while Topeka Mayor Michelle de la Isla lost by nearly 15 points to state Treasurer Ja…

Many of us are asking, “What can we do this holiday season to make things better for others?” It’s been a year we’d like to forget. So how can we cap it off by brightening community spirits?

Over the past four years, as we’ve watched our democratic values undermined and the principles of good governance laid to waste, we’ve been waiting . . . waiting for a modicum of courage from Congressional Republicans.

I’ve often thought the best travel agent around is the local library. You can pick up a book and take off through stories to points all over the planet. It’s a wonderful way to open the mind to new peoples and places.

Like many this year, instead of traveling to be with family, I will cook my own Thanksgiving dinner. Honestly, I don’t mind. It is sad not to see my family, but I am relieved that I will not be putting any of them in harm’s way. And I am not mad about getting to keep all the leftovers for myself.

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When Thanksgiving Day arrives this Thursday, many people’s thoughts will be on food, family, friends and football as usual. Maybe the family and friends can’t make it because of the pandemic, but they will be there in spirit, and that’s the best way to be this year.

Super-cold refrigeration is a new concept to citizens not involved in molecular biology research. It is a requirement of the Pfizer vaccine that has just provided preliminary indication that it might be 90 percent effective. If further research supports this early data, this vaccine could be…

Election fervor has faded and the real world has crept in. Kansans continue their daily lives and work amid growing distress as COVID-19 infiltrates our communities.

“Kansas voters have multiple options to cast their ballot — advance in-person voting, election day in-person voting and advance mail ballot voting,” Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab said in March as the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up.

One of the best ways for the United States to promote its form of democracy is to recruit students from other countries to study here. This is referred to as “soft power.” There is some evidence that over the last century, some foreign students returned to their country with a new motivation…

Imagine it is early Wednesday morning, right after Election Day. And imagine you are a Democrat in Kansas. Or if you can’t, try to at least imagine what many might have gone through over the past several weeks.

Editor’s note: Letters that clearly capture an issue’s urgency and timeliness can move people to action. We hope this one does. Retired Axtell nurse Judy Glynn aptly shares the story of our health care providers, so we’re spotlighting her letter in this week’s editorial space to emphasize th…

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By this Tuesday or Wednesday Kansans will likely have a new U.S. senator. For most of the last century, we could simply assume the state would elect the Republican nominee, especially if the candidate was the incumbent representative from the Big First district, per Bob Dole, Pat Roberts and…

Change in education goals used to come slowly.  Since the 1960s, it’s generally come from federal law and Supreme Court rulings.  But today, political polarization and social media clashes have devolved decision-making to debate.

Kansas COVID-19 cases are surging and northeast Kansas is no exception. Marshall Countians are lucky to have a health department leader in Sue Rhodes and public health officer John Ryan who have remained vigilant, kept the public informed and reminded of masks, clean hands and distance.

Marshall County is fortunate to have dedicated residents willing to constantly volunteer and give their time and skills to multiple local efforts. That’s what makes this a really great place to live.

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The nation is mired in a pandemic that’s cost, at this writing, 215,000 American lives. A tragedy compounded by the current U.S. president’s laissez faire approach to COVID-19 and his horrific failure to protect Americans. This has cost the poorest, marginalized populations the most, and the…

Kansas Sen. Barbara Bollier appears to be closing in on Roger Marshall in the final stretch of the state race for U.S. Senate.

Change in education goals used to come slowly. Since the 1960s, it’s generally come from federal law and Supreme Court rulings. But today, political polarization and social media clashes have devolved decision-making to debate. 

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Eleven years ago George Black, project developer for the Iowa-based RPMAccess, met with Marysville Rotary Club to discuss plans to build a 90-megawatt wind farm in Marshall County.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death at age 87 Friday left many saddened worldwide. Ginsburg never stopped working toward justice for women and families through decades of public service.

Oretha Ruetti put out the word in 1991 that she would like to hear from former students of Nels Ingalsbe, well-known area musician and teacher in the area from 1929 to 1970. She was working on a piece for her “It Happened Here” column in the Advocate. Response was great, and the column ran o…

Musical memories have a way of hanging around in peoples’ minds for decades, surfacing from time to time when old friends get together or someone hums a melody from an earlier era.

This year of pandemic has had one fortunate side effect for my health. It has given me more time to spend on two wheels. Though I have become increasingly involved with bicycle riding for the last half dozen years, this aberrative year of canceled or delayed events has enabled me to do more …

Pony Up Marysville Match Day was a phenomenal success yet again this year. As organizers left the donation site at the Helvering Center Friday after 5 p.m., their general thought was that the total donated amount probably wouldn’t surpass last year’s $267,563. It’s 2020 after all, it’s been …