Pvt. Herynk comes home

Full military honors were afforded the reburial of Pvt. Robert J. Herynk, a Hanover native who died in battle in Papua, New Guinea, during World War II. A soldier presents a U.S. flag in Herynk's honor to his grand-niece, Colleen Behrens, Marysville, Nov. 20 at St. John’s Catholic Cemetery at Hanover. Photo by Tom Parker

First came the lilting notes of a distant siren, rising and falling in a lulling, rhythmic modulation that seemed organic, as if formed from the air itself, windborn, or from the undulant earth rising and falling in ridge after ridge to an indistinct horizon. Then, more felt than heard, a throaty roar of engines.

A collective ripple of anticipation stirred the crowd clustered around an open-walled tent in St. John’s Catholic Cemetery in Hanover. Dozens of VFW Honor Guard members and military personnel snapped to their respective positions, rank upon uniformed rank, their flags and banners furling and unfurling in the breeze.