FIT BITES will be a weekly series to help people get healthy, stay healthy and find ways to remain active as a family during the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing, quarantines, and whatever precautions anyone takes to try to remain healthy during the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a lack of activity around the house or area.

Twitter feeds show athletes working out on their own, in a barn, the backyard of the house to maintain their shape. They are not much different than the rest of the population who might get stir crazy being at home.

Weekly, as long as the coronavirus or COVID-19 remains a health threat, the Advocate will run a series titled Fit Bites to encourage others to get active and remain active, to help combat stress and spend some time with the family in activities that are not connected to a computer. A handful of coaches and trainers will provide weekly ideas for exercise, stress relief and family activity. These people are Marysville coaches and teachers Dustin Heuer, Mary Kessinger-Wassom and Landon Wright; trainer Pam Schroller, owner of Marysville Health and Fitness; and Brian Fragel, director of Marysville Sport & Recreation.

Heuer is a physical education and weights instructor for Marysville Junior-Senior High. He is the football coach and an assistant track and field coach.

Kessinger-Wassom is a physical education teacher at MJSH. She coaches tennis, boys and girls. She graduated from MHS in 1988. She played tennis for Bethel College.

Wright is a sixth-grade teacher and coach. He graduated from MHS in 2008. He played football at Garden City Community College, Highland Community College and Emporia State University. He graduated from ESU in 2012 and has taught and coached in the Marysville district since. He said he has always been interested in fitness and has been a consistent lifter for the past 15 years. He assists in the MHS weight room in the summer.

“I started helping out while I was back from college and loved the impact I could make on the kids in such a short time,” Wright said. “I bring the experience of having three different college-level strength and conditioning programs and coaches. What I learned in those programs, has helped me with my physical fitness but has also helped me to coach weights and plan workouts. I have also attended a few clinics on strength and conditioning, and those have helped me stay current on new techniques and things to avoid.  I also have a K-12 endorsement in physical education.”

Schroller started working in the health club industry in 1988 and began serving people in Marysville and surrounding communities in 1991. She has 29 years of experience.

She is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, lifestyle and weight management and nutrition consultant, certified health promotion director, master Yoga and Pilates instructor, Ayurveda nutritionist and she has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and exercise science.

Fragel has been the director of Marysville Sport & Recreation for 15 years. He organizes all activities from youth to adult. Activities include a variety of sports and the organizer of the local farmer’s market. He plans to gear activities toward family participation through a variety of activities.