Historic preservation

Historic preservation specialists Roy and Lori Hanni, Olsburg, work in the west room of the Blue Rapids Public Library. The preservation project is expected to take six months. The section of the library is in the original building, which was built in 1875.  The library is on the state and national registers of historic places.

Historic preservation work is under way at the Blue Rapids Library, and a goat has something to do with it.

Goat’s hair is one of the ingredients used by historic preservation specialists Roy and Lori Hanni, Olsburg, for the first plaster layer on the library’s walls and ceilings, which date to 1875. The hair serves as fiber to hold the plaster together and adhere it to walls, three of which are stone. One is made of wooden studs and lath wood beams. The original plaster in the walls used horse hair, which was commonly available in the 19th century, but goat hair is more readily available for this type of project today, Lori said.