They steadily work away as the holiday season progresses, making sure that children’s needs are fulfilled. They aren’t in the public eye because they’re behind the scenes coordinating and gathering practical donations of clothing and other gifts that area residents so generously provide.

The Blue Valley Technologies Giving Tree project is one of those charitable efforts that seems to magically happen each year. But it’s actually dependent upon a few people who keep this project rolling for families in need. We can be grateful that people like Jada Ackerman, who literally works 12-hour days for many weeks leading up to the final delivery of gifts, Mert Reed, who arrives at 4:30 or 5 a.m. before her work day in order to wraps gifts, Colleen Voet and their co-workers, who make the Giving Tree possible. On Christmas Day, they can relax, knowing the many hours of hard work have brought smiles to the faces of youngsters.