Cooking column

The Advocate’s regular County Kitchen interview and recipes used to have a different name. Reporter JoAnn Shum has interviewed hundreds of cooks through the years for the weekly feature.

Before JoAnn Shum joined the Advocate staff as a reporter fresh out of college in 1972, co-publisher Eulalia Guise had started a recipe column, which she called “Kissin’ don’t last; Cookin’ do.”

The new feature was pretty simple: just one recipe every other week. It was somewhat revolutionary back in the ‘70s, but it wasn’t enough for JoAnn. Along the way the name was changed to County Kitchen, and the column blossomed into a full-fledged Family Living feature, complete with at least three recipes and stories on subjects that range from how to stew the gaminess out of game to how to make a prize-winning cake or a simple quick meal for a busy family.