It’s time to be thankful again and Marshall County has a plethora of things to offer up in gratitude this year. Starting with a decent harvest and moving on to an economy that so far has largely escaped the downturns tugging at some regions of the country.

Ask young families what Marshall County needs and almost universally they say child care.

The Marysville Advocate has had a variety of looks through its 137 years. In its early days, there was little rhyme or reason to the paper’s layout. Ads always ran at the bottom of pages and stories and photos were squeezed in above where possible.

This weekend’s 50th annivesary celebration of the Black Squirrel City should give us pause to reflect on the future of this furry population of genetically rare mammals.

One major reason to vote for Laura Kelly in this fall’s gubernatorial race is her long-held conviction that Kansans are better off with access to health care.

Printed election flyers now arriving in mailboxes are pushing yet another ill-advised Kansas constitutional amendment in the Nov. 8 election.

Marshall County commissioners have wrestled with a jail construction project for several years. The issue is now drawing a protest petition seeking to put it on the ballot in a special election, which would be paid for by taxpayers.

Counties and cities that work together signal to their populations that both entities want progress, want development and want the best for their residents. Leaders who conduct business through dialogue and fair-minded conversation normally can arrive at solutions to challenges.

Recently I was hauling hay; it was my fifth or sixth load of the day, and I had been hauling hay for the better part of a week. It was probably all too routine. I was making the left-hand turn off of the highway onto the county road. I looked back in my rearview mirror and did not see anyone…

Last Wednesday two Kansas Tourism photographers shot photos and video of the Blue River Rail Trail that runs north out of Marysville. One of them paused to comment on how fortunate this community is to have such a scenic path. The images they took will help promote this area as a destination…

The Kansas Legislature has succeeded in adding yet another layer of bureacracy to our local governments with this year’s new Notice of Estimated Ad Valorem Taxes.

Phil Kasper, Clay Center City Council member and new tap room manager at the Brewhouse in that fair city, threw down the gauntlet in his column written for the Advocate’s Aug. 11 Progress Edition. Not literally, but Kasper certainly prodded Marshall County to take a look at his town’s phenom…

The Marshall County community is fortunate to get a rare and exciting look at K-State’s marching band on Marysville’s football field this Friday night.

As triple-digit temperatures fried the region last Sunday, Marysville Aquatic Center filled with families with small children and plenty of school-aged youth seeking a cool refuge. The water undoubtedly gave a fun diversion to those who had air conditioning at home, and fun as well as much-n…

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One of the greatest downsides to the decline of statewide news coverage is that it’s increasingly difficult to find reports on statewide candidates in election years.

Wildfires and mass evacuations in rural France this week are being compared to similar bush fires in Australia that devastated forests and grasslands like a blow torch two years ago.

Kansas is no stranger to regulation of abortion. During the past three decades, Republican state legislators have dedicated themselves to chipping away at the right of choice in women’s health care.

Typical of the company they built over the past few decades, Ray Shultz and Arnold Nagely were straightforward and kind when asked recently to reflect on their years in the business of veterinary product sales.

Pony Up Marysville Match Day, the annual community fundraiser, hit another high two weeks ago. More than 1,120 donations paired with matching money grew throughout the 24-hour period to total $455,497 for 53 local funds.

At a lecture and conversation last fall with one of the state’s leaders in rural development, one of the state’s top entrepreneurs spoke about the challenges of that issue.

More than 17,000 farms in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota produced and sold food locally through direct marketing practices, resulting in $577 million in revenue in 2020.

Marysville has a ready asset that two travel bloggers say would make a difference for tourism revenues and population growth here — the Blue River Rail Trail.

Marshall County Extension agent Susie Latta told Marshall County commissioners on Monday that her office was educating the public about possible formation of a five-county extension district.

Thanks to Diane Schroller and Darlene Boss for stepping up to offer their services again to the city. The two former City Council members recently told council they would be willing to join organized efforts to beautify the city. Anyone who regularly walks and drives our streets knows the wo…

New tennis courts planned for Marysville this summer are long overdue and remove current courts that pose numerous tripping hazards on a facility well used by the public.

Many people have been motivated to send money after watching newscasts of children and adults huddling in fear or fleeing bombed-out shells of buildings in Ukraine in recent weeks.

Marysville Area Community Theatre is taking on a unique challenge this spring. They’ve assembled a cast to perform on April 8-10 the play “26 Pebbles,” which is based on the shooting of young children and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Gas prices are on the way up. Cutting off Russian oil supplies will push them higher. But it’s a necessary move to pressure Russians to stop the senseless killing of their Ukrainian neighbors and children amid Putin’s scorched-earth rampage.

The national debate over teaching of history, particularly about racism, brings to mind efforts in the former Soviet Union or modern Communist China to erase history, muzzle citizens, burn books and rewrite school texts to reflect what one group wants while ignoring others.

Marshall County’s Board of Commissioners should be commended for setting a professional tone by enacting both a county government conflict of interest policy, which ran in last week’s Advocate, and a county leadership development program.

Most of us who have been around for a while don’t have to think too hard to remember a military veteran who died while waiting for the government to recognize, acknowledge and take care of those who contracted debilitating and fatal illness while serving their country.

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It’s easy to think about how a community hospital is vital to good community health. But it’s important to remember it’s also good for something else: our economy.

Historic downtowns are a fantastic way to draw visitors and an attractive asset for those of us living with them and enjoying their beauty. Thriving downtowns reflect investment by businesses, city governments and, increasingly, residents of downtown apartments and lofts.

• An end to COVID: More people need to get vaccinated. It’s disappointing that Gov. Laura Kelly said earlier this fall that vaccine mandates don’t work when all evidence points to the contrary. The only route out of the pandemic is a higher rate of immunization to a disease that’s costing th…

Kansas Sen. Bob Dole died this past weekend and recollections of him have flowed into this newspaper’s inbox since then.

Lee Isom, a veteran of the Korean War, was a good friend of mine when I served at a church in Mullen, Neb. He died Nov. 17 at the age of 92.

We sometimes complain that we’re in an isolated area, an hour’s drive from big-box stores, except for Walmart and those mini-Walmarts known as dollar stores.

Those driving through Frankfort during the town’s fall festival a couple weeks ago, had a tough time finding a parking space.

Marysville City Council’s unanimous vote in favor of seeking grants to help complete the Seventh Street corridor north of Center Street was an exciting sign Monday night.

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