If you’re inside or outside this fall, and standing or sitting within six feet of another person for more than 10 minutes, wear a mask, Marshall County health officials say.

COVID-19’s delta variant continues to circulate, with three people hospitalized here Tuesday and 20 people with active cases. About 15 people awaited test results.

“We’ve had a lot of people who have been exposed and are worried,” said county health department director Sue Rhodes, “so they’re getting tested.”

The rolling average lately has been a total of about 20 cases active each day, she said.

“When cases get up into the 40s and 50s like they did a few weeks ago, that’s hard to manage,” she said. “I think right now we’re not in any huge rise, but we need to keep it coming down.”

Testing has kept her staff “incredibly busy,” said Rhodes, who is currently looking for a nurse to fill one vacancy in her department. “There’s been an exceptional amount of testing.”

“There’s been a lot of people traveling, and a lot of people who need tests before they have health procedures,” she said.

Flu season is approaching so Rhodes and staff are determining when they can start public flu shots, alongside daily COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 vaccine shots they give each Tuesday.

People should call 785-562-3485 to schedule a test at the health department. Vaccines are available by walking in each Tuesday to the clinic at Sixth and Broadway. Walmart’s pharmacy is also administering COVID-19 shots on a walk-in basis daily.

Both the health department and Community Memorial Healthcare clinics will have flu vaccine available possibly later this month or by early October.

Rhodes said the third COVID-19 shot is being given now to the immunocompromised. She’s uncertain when a booster shot will be available for the general public, but expects it will be later this fall.

Beyond getting vaccinated, protective steps are the best way to beat the virus. Rhodes said a mask helps if anyone is closer to another person for more than 10 minutes, even if outdoors, such as at a stadium.

“And stay home if you are sick,” she said. “That’s so important. People who go to work sick, who go to school sick, that’s where we’re seeing a lot of the spread.”