Marshall County Health Department continued to receive 200 doses of COVID-19 vaccine this week and continued to give those out.

“We have people getting primary shots on some days and booster shots on some days,” county health department director Sue Rhodes said of the two shots required for the vaccine.

To schedule who gets the shots, the agency takes 100 names from the Vaccine Readiness Hotline list compiled by Community Memorial Healthcare in Marysville and 20 from a list from the Community Health Care Systems clinic in Frankfort.

Eighty more shots are given to “critical infrastructure” workers, such as telecom technicians, plumbers and other services, who must go into people’s homes for work.

“There’s a big list of them,” Rhodes said.

Case count down

Rhodes is pleased that overall, COVID-19 case numbers continue to decline. On Monday, the total active cases was 13 with no hospitalizations, while the death toll was 23. Death toll reporting is delayed at times because the department may not receive confirmation that a death was COVID-related until several days or weeks afterward.

Pending tests also have declined. Six people were waiting on COVID-19 test results late Monday.

No positive tests came in over the Friday-Sunday weekend, a first for that many days, Rhodes said. But she attributes that in part to the extremely cold weather.

Generally, she said, they are seeing two to five positives a day.

She added health officials are uncertain of the number of county residents tested outside the county so it’s hard to know if there’s less COVID-19 around. But reports of hospitalizations and deaths are down, indicating decline.

“I think we’re in a good place, and for vaccines we’re in a pretty good routine,” Rhodes said.

She continues to hope that one day the state health department will ship more vaccines.

“Hopefully they’ll blow our routine and give us a whole bunch of vaccines. But that’s not on the horizon yet.”

The state’s death toll, which stood at 4,406 on Monday, also was on a downward trend. The state has reported a total 287,450 positive tests since the pandemic began early last year.

Nemaha County’s rate remained in decline last week with 17 active cases, according to the health department’s Feb. 10 report, with two people hospitalized. The county’s death toll stood at 50.

Washington County Health Department reported 26 active cases on Feb. 9 with two hospitalizations. The county has reported nine deaths during the pandemic.

Officials urge the public to continue routine protections, including face masks, even after people are vaccinated, to keep the numbers on the downward trend.