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Obituary date: Gretchen Winters, Roger Pishny, Richard Turner.

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Editor’s note: It’s been a tough year of isolation, illness and caution with COVID-19. The Advocate asked local organizations to reflect on what a year of pandemic meant to them, how they managed and  what their dreams are now. The following was written by Sharon Vogelsberg and Kay Nester wi…

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When the initial pandemic outbreak occurred over a year ago, it was expected that the COVID-19 coronavirus would be similar to the 2003 SARS coronavirus. That meant many general hygiene measures were needed: handwashing, cleaning of doorknobs and tables, limiting handshakes or other body con…

Because I haven’t been part of the publishing/bookselling industry in almost 40 years now, I found myself wondering how long it took Scott Galloway to write, print and distribute his 2020 book, “Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity.” My guess would be 30 days, but maybe as much as 90. Lig…