Audio tours

A portable sign has been placed in front of the Koester House Museum & Gardens by Marysville Convention and Tourism. It is part of an effort to catch the attention of people who walk or drive by. The sign includes information, inset at right, about the new audio tours that allow people to hear about the town’s history on their phones. Museums and Black Squirrels on Parade have audio tours up and running. Just call the numbers on their signs.

Experiencing stories from history is only a phone call away since Marysville Convention & Tourism and the town’s three museums launched their audio tours this summer.

Call 785-879-4093 then 300#, and you can almost hear hooves on the ground as the narrator for the Pony Express Barn Museum describes the exciting rides of 1860-61 and invites you into the stone barn at 106 S. Eighth St.