Being a leader is never easy. Organizing a large group of volunteers is especially difficult. Ask anyone who has ever put together a big event whether they felt as if they were herding cats and they likely said yes.

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Being a leader is never easy. Organizing a large group of volunteers is especially difficult. Ask anyone who has ever put together a big event whether they felt as if they were herding cats and they likely said yes.

After working for two months in our school district, I am thoroughly impressed with the district’s people and those within the community surrounding the district. What a wonderful supportive community.  

The Advocate and KNDY Radio are prepared to query the candidates at this week’s election forum at 7 p.m. Thursday in Marysville City Building.

It seems every few years I get the opportunity to supply a ride; not for my kids, friends or those who’ve imbibed too much. No, I have the chance to help a hitchhiker move a little farther down the road toward destinations unknown.

An important thing you need to know about the November school board election is that you can vote for four board members — not just for one board member in the position district where you live.

Marshall County residents have long shown their desire to maintain and grow local communities. The prospects for this only increase with a financially sound and independent hospital. Community Memorial Healthcare carries its name because it is owned by all of us — this county community. Its …

The Marshall County Arts Cooperative believes the arts bring people together, the arts unite.  Although that’s an ambitious mission, our success can be measured by our county’s commitment to the arts.  Yearly, local residents, businesses, and other organizations give generously to MCAC.  Rec…

Thousands of training miles went into last weekend’s bike and foot races that started from downtown Marysville, resulting over the course of the day in many exhausted but happy runners and riders.

My last update was in July this year. Since then we have moved forward to get bids for the jail, so that we could get a more accurate number that we were dealing with. The architect and construction managers will have met on Monday to give the Marshall County commissioners an accurate update…

Our Scrabble group meets once a week for sharing our knowledge, opinions, experiences, humor and treats. From time to time, we play a little Scrabble. Once in a while we also touch on topics that merit deeper discussion.

I would urge the Marshall County commissioners to delay a decision on building a new jail until our county’s residents have had the opportunity to study what is already in place for operation of a law enforcement center that is safe, efficient and transparent.

Many U.S. communities today are similar to the Marysville of a century and a half ago. Multiple languages are spoken on the street and in schools, workers hail from many countries and bring their talents to boost the local economies.

There are very few constants in life but the one thing that remained constant for me growing up and into adulthood was the morning show on WIBW with ag programing brought to our house by Kelly Lenz. I grew up eating breakfast while learning about the latest in ag news and notes, not just occ…

Since Marysville started its Black Squirrels on Parade public art project a few years back, it’s piqued my interest in finding more such “parades” in cities around the country.

Plans for a county jail have progressed to the point of seeking a bid from contractors. Surprisingly, there has been no county contact with the city to determine what setbacks and utility hookups might be needed for this major project, according to City Administrator Austin St. John, who att…

Experiencing stories from history is only a phone call away since Marysville Convention & Tourism and the town’s three museums launched their audio tours this summer.

You may have received this edition of the Advocate unexpectedly. It’s part of our annual mass mailing. We’ve sent this week’s paper as a sample to every household in Marshall County.

Last weekend’s shooting deaths in El Paso and Dayton shouldn’t be passing events. They should stop us in our tracks. So many people died by the gun, and that should spur greater restrictions on guns. In Australia it has and in  New Zealand, too, after mass shootings in both those countries.

Recently our county commissioners voted to allow a half-percent sales tax question to be put on the ballot for this November. If passed, this countywide sales tax will help support healthcare services by Community Memorial Healthcare beginning in 2020, and will “sunset,” or end, after five years.

Floods, fires, tornados, drought, even earthquakes. If you watch the news at all, or even look out your window, you’ve heard about and seen all of these natural disasters. You may have even experienced one yourself.

In June, Air Force veteran William Shuttleworth stopped in Marysville on his cross-country walk from East to West Coast. He was here to raise awareness for the plight of veterans.

During my final week at the Pony Express Barn Museum, I was asked to reflect on my time in Marysville. This reflection gave me a chance to think about what I have gained from my experience and to contemplate what it really means to leave the pony barn. Throughout the summer, many people told…

This Saturday’s 50th anniversary of astronaut Neil Armstrong’s first human step on the moon will likely stir nostalgia among those old enough to recall standing in front of a TV screen, watching the snowy picture of a figure slowly treading across the moonscape.

In today’s marketplace, food production is largely controlled by the few. According to the Organization for Competitive Markets, 82 percent of agriculture is now in the hands of four transnational corporations.

The month of June kept us busy at the Pony Express Barn & Museum in downtown Marysville. We had 416 visitors last month, including 353 individuals from states outside of Kansas.

Many thanks to organizers and sponsors of last week’s wide range of activities and delicious food for Marysville’s Fourth of July.

Marshall County Republican Party selected Meghan Voracek on Tuesday night as their nominee to be the next Marshall County attorney. After seven years of work in civil and criminal law, Voracek has the experience to serve well as the county’s top law enforcement officer.

Last Friday my wife, Anneke, and I drove the hour drive north to Marysville. I wanted to see how the long day of hard work by the volunteers in the gardens of the Koester House Museum & Gardens had stood up to the rain.

Marshall County Partnership for Growth is a coalition of county businesses, industry and local governments. But a glaring shortage in this organization is our county government’s commitment. The county budgeted a paltry $5,000 for the Partnership last year. Compare that to $60,000 in Nemaha …

We are “looking at a jar that is half full or half empty.” Perspective is everything. After reading the headline on the May 30 front page of the Washington County New, which stated that the Hanover Hospital requested county money to keep the doors open, the board felt that a letter to the ed…

In late May, the situation at Tuttle Creek Reservoir and Dam was an imminent concern as evacuation advisories were issued.

Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts are probably the most likable guys in the U.S. Senate. They understand the issues facing Kansas, plead for agricultural interests, and depending upon the makeup of the crowd they are addressing, stay bullish on opposition to President Donald Trump’s ludicrous trad…

It’s Tuesday evening, and Sarah just asked me to write a column. A few minutes ago, I moved my car closer to the front door of the Advocate and came back in to help finish the paper before the storm hit.

Note from Sen. Elaine Bowers: Each year legislators are invited to select an intern to assist them. Almost every year since I was elected in 2006, I have accepted a college student to work with me. I ask each one to prepare a report either on a bill or topic and in this case this year, a rep…

The first Friday each May has become a much-anticipated day in this community. It’s Pony Up Marysville match day, when people peer into their pocketbooks, bank accounts and stock portfolios and commit to sharing their wealth with others.

Vliets resident Dennis Droge already had a large tally by Earth Day on Monday. The retired agronomist has been counting bluebird eggs this spring, as he has for several years.

As American as apple pie and fireworks, the crack of the bat ringing out across a rural baseball field is a rite of summer. The pungent smell of wet grass and heat of a late-day sun, indelible memories from the field or stands are aplenty. It is nothing less than a crying shame that many of …

Marysville just got a new attraction in City Park. A new disc golf course, purchased with funds donated by local businesses and installed for free by local resident Kyle Goracke who used a donated Bobcat from a local business.

Marshall County’s hospital, Community Memorial Healthcare, would gain a boost from passage of a bill that’s now stalled in the Kansas Senate.