How Americans deal with the stress of sick

(BPT) - Cough and cold season is bad enough on its own, with the constant sneezing, nagging cough and fatigue. The aches and pains from the season of sickness don’t stop there, though, as mental and emotional stressors can also take a toll on the body. From the anxiety of missing work to the guilt of falling behind on responsibilities at home, a recent study from Robitussin, conducted online by OnePoll, revealed that Americans are stressed about getting sick and feel more than physical symptoms of sickness. They encounter emotional side effects, too.

According to nationally recognized psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell, the “stress of sick” can oftentimes make illness even worse. When trying to physically recover, the feelings of worry when calling out of work sick or fear of sharing germs with loved ones can lead to restless nights, hindering the body’s ability to get the rest it needs to recuperate.