89-year-old Bernice Swim goes skydiving

Bernice Swim, Marysville, in front, was 89 on Oct. 12, and she celebrated with a tandem skydive on Oct. 13. She did the jump with Falcon Skydiving located at Noah’s Ark Airport in Waldron, Mo. Swim said she is now ready to jump again on her 90th. Accompanying her on the trip were her husband, Jim, and two of her children, Jim Swim Jr. and Jill Ryan, both of Marysville, and grandson Curtis Vineyard. From left are Jim Swim Jr., Vineyard, Jim Swim Sr., Bernice Swim and Ryan. Bernice did a tandem jump with her instructor. They started at 14,000 feet and free fell at 140 miles per hour for 10,000 feet. At 4,000 feet the instructor pulled the rip cord to open their parachute, and the pair landed standing up. Submitted photo