Quilts gifted to Blue Rapids veterans

Delores Hargadine presents a handmade quilt to World War II veteran Vic Stanley at the Blue Rapids veterans celebration Nov. 9 in the Community Center. Quilts were made for George Bedford American Legion Post 169’s four living WWII vets — Harry Johnston, Charles Hollenberg, A. Duane Carlson and Stanley. Twelve women met at the Community Center in the summer and began cutting and stitching fabric. The quilts then were hand-quilted and ready for the Veterans Day festivities. Donating fabric and doing sewing were Janet Zayas, Marge Wilson, Donna Whitesell, Connie Edwards, Althea Wertz, Kathy Crawford, Marilyn Land, Delores Hargadine, Gwen Turner, Linda Merrill, Jan Pope and Betty Brake. Donna Fuller donated fabric.