• Planning by the city of Marysville and related entities with recommendations from the Kansas State University design and landscape architecture classes. Their ideas could help spur new development of blighted areas in central Marysville.

Marysville’s historic depot just completed another successful year. Reflections on 2019 — the building’s 90th year — include significant restoration of the interior and exterior of this fantastic relic from Marysville’s railroad past.

They steadily work away as the holiday season progresses, making sure that children’s needs are fulfilled. They aren’t in the public eye because they’re behind the scenes coordinating and gathering practical donations of clothing and other gifts that area residents so generously provide.

Kansas remains among just 14 states who have yet to expand the Medicaid program. The other 36 have now covered more low-income residents because they realized health insurance is simply out of financial reach to a good chunk of working families. Those states, as a result, can draw 90 percent…

Marysville Main Street and Marysville Chamber of Commerce members will meet at 7 a.m. next Wednesday at the Wagon Wheel Cafe to discuss combining the organizations into one.

Small Business Saturday is full of incentives to peruse the locally owned businesses in downtown Marysville. More than $500 in Chamber bucks will be given to shoppers when they check in at the Shop Small Headquarters near Eighth and Broadway this weekend. There will be several items downtown…

Come the middle of November and deer-vehicle accidents rise to a fever pitch. Every area sheriff’s report in recent weeks has had a number of such crashes.

Marshall County’s Board of Commissioners should find a way to help the Marshall County Historical Society when snow covers its walks.

Marysville’s police force will shrink again soon with the loss of Sgt. Dave Ohlde, who is headed to a new job with the state’s Law Enforcement Training Center.

Will Mike Pompeo, current secretary of state and former U.S. House 4th District representative from Wichita, eventually bail out of the mess that is the Trump administration and scurry back to Kansas?

Marysville and its surrounding areas in Marshall County recently lost the curbside recycling service provided byTemps Disposal. The trash hauler simply couldn’t sustain it financially, with markets growing scarce. No one should expect a business to take recyclables at a loss.

The Advocate and KNDY Radio are prepared to query the candidates at this week’s election forum at 7 p.m. Thursday in Marysville City Building.

Marshall County residents have long shown their desire to maintain and grow local communities. The prospects for this only increase with a financially sound and independent hospital. Community Memorial Healthcare carries its name because it is owned by all of us — this county community. Its …

Many U.S. communities today are similar to the Marysville of a century and a half ago. Multiple languages are spoken on the street and in schools, workers hail from many countries and bring their talents to boost the local economies.

Plans for a county jail have progressed to the point of seeking a bid from contractors. Surprisingly, there has been no county contact with the city to determine what setbacks and utility hookups might be needed for this major project, according to City Administrator Austin St. John, who att…

You may have received this edition of the Advocate unexpectedly. It’s part of our annual mass mailing. We’ve sent this week’s paper as a sample to every household in Marshall County.

Last weekend’s shooting deaths in El Paso and Dayton shouldn’t be passing events. They should stop us in our tracks. So many people died by the gun, and that should spur greater restrictions on guns. In Australia it has and in  New Zealand, too, after mass shootings in both those countries.

In June, Air Force veteran William Shuttleworth stopped in Marysville on his cross-country walk from East to West Coast. He was here to raise awareness for the plight of veterans.

In today’s marketplace, food production is largely controlled by the few. According to the Organization for Competitive Markets, 82 percent of agriculture is now in the hands of four transnational corporations.

Many thanks to organizers and sponsors of last week’s wide range of activities and delicious food for Marysville’s Fourth of July.

Marshall County Republican Party selected Meghan Voracek on Tuesday night as their nominee to be the next Marshall County attorney. After seven years of work in civil and criminal law, Voracek has the experience to serve well as the county’s top law enforcement officer.

Marshall County Partnership for Growth is a coalition of county businesses, industry and local governments. But a glaring shortage in this organization is our county government’s commitment. The county budgeted a paltry $5,000 for the Partnership last year. Compare that to $60,000 in Nemaha …

Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts are probably the most likable guys in the U.S. Senate. They understand the issues facing Kansas, plead for agricultural interests, and depending upon the makeup of the crowd they are addressing, stay bullish on opposition to President Donald Trump’s ludicrous trad…

The first Friday each May has become a much-anticipated day in this community. It’s Pony Up Marysville match day, when people peer into their pocketbooks, bank accounts and stock portfolios and commit to sharing their wealth with others.

Marysville just got a new attraction in City Park. A new disc golf course, purchased with funds donated by local businesses and installed for free by local resident Kyle Goracke who used a donated Bobcat from a local business.

Winter ended this month with tornado sirens blaring in Alabama and highways collapsed and bridges washed downstream in Nebraska. Climate is wreaking the change that scientists warned it would.

Across rural America, small businesses are the heart of main street. From local coffee shops to the hardware store, these businesses employ local residents, provide important services to the community, and serve as anchors for their local economies. With the Consolidated Appropriations Act o…

Christel Highland found herself shocked and saddened by a bill her father co-sponsored recently in the Kansas Legislature. Rep. Ron Highland, R-Wamego, was among a group of legislators who signed on to a measure that sought to label same-sex marriage as “parody marriage” and to erase it from…

The Kansas Department of Transportation recently chose Marysville’s proposal as one of 23 projects in its $8.5 million Transportation Alternatives program next fiscal year.

The state Department of Health and Environment recently handed out the Kansas Health Champion awards to shine a spotlight on those exemplary people and communities who are making real strides to give Kansans longer, better lives.

Kimbrook Tennal is well known for leading his Centralia volleyball teams to success in this region of  powerhouse small-town sports.

President Trump and Congress need to quit wasting U.S. resources, playing politics and reopen government. Trump has decided not to accept the congressional decision against funding his U.S.-Mexico border wall, so he cut off non-essential government services. These are services we all pay tax…

Medicare for all: The cost of health care, which blocks many Americans from getting medical attention when they need it, and the viability of our community hospitals is at stake. Congress must begin in earnest to study the future of these issues and determine how to pay for a universal syste…

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