We could say we’ve saved the best for last, but the Advocate actually just didn’t have room last week in its editorial page election endorsements to expound on the laurels of Brian “BAM” McClendon, who is running for Kansas secretary of state.


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Obituary update: Douglas "Rocket" Landoll, Alice Sherrill.

Obituary update: Willie E. Armstrong, Eileen Pacha, Daniel Pad…

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Courage, pride, selflessness and integrity are among the traits of veterans who answer the call to be part of something bigger than themselves, said Marysville National Guard Armory Staff Sergeant Robert O’Donnell, the key speaker during a Veterans Day ceremony Monday at Marysville High School.


Shock and awe! Kansas voters nailed the coffin shut last week on the discredited Brownback era. They chose a bipartisan path forward by electing Democratic state Sen. Laura Kelly as governor and soundly rejecting her opponent, Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

During the early days of our country, settlers hunted out of necessity. While farming and trading provided them with a great deal of food, it wasn’t enough for sustenance. To survive, they hunted, fished and trapped wildlife where they lived and worked.