A routine ground ball to Ben Kirkland at second base and his throw to first ended an emotional roller coaster of baseball action for Marysville’s Junior Legion team last Thursday in zone play and earned the locals entry into the state tournament.


At Monday’s City Council meeting, someone mentioned how fortunate this town was to be discussing ways to manage the finish line of the Sept. 8 Pony Express 120 Gravel Dash, a cycling event that draws riders from across the U.S. and Canada. The riders, after racing 120 miles on gravel roads a…

This week on Independence Day in Marysville we could be celebrating the introduction of a fun new outdoor activity already played in hundreds of communities throughout the state and nation if the mayor and City Council had acted on a proposal brought to them on May 14.


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Thirty-seven quilts are on exhibit at the Lee Dam Center for Fine Art, Marysville, until July 22. The exhibition, “Heart of America,” features quilts created and owned by residents from Marshall County and Washington County.


I spent the good part of a day in Marysville on June 3 for the Jolly Jogathon, watching my wife and college-aged daughter compete in a variety of events. Well past my athletic prime, and wise enough to know so, I was happy to drag my lawn chair around after them and enjoy the experience.

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